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Gravity Sketch Tutorial - FREE 2023 Beginner Overview

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Whether you’re an experienced professional or an eager beginner, this Free Gravity Sketch Tutorial will serve as your ultimate guide. Also, as a primer to our Certified Gravity Sketch Certification Course, covering the fundamental aspects of Gravity Sketch 6 in 2023 while delving into its latest features.


As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, innovative tools are reshaping the way we bring our ideas to life. Among these groundbreaking tools, Gravity Sketch 6 has emerged as a game-changer for artists, designers, and creators alike.

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Free Gravity Sketch Tutorial | Part 1: VR Controllers

This is the first installment of our Gravity Sketch 6 beginner’s guide. We take a closer look at the VR controllers, buttons, and menus for the Meta Quest 2. Watch this video with Motionreel Academy Instructor Andre Bruni and discover how to navigate and interact with the software’s intuitive interface using the VR controllers.

Additionally, earn about the various functionalities, master the art of menu navigation, and uncover the hidden shortcuts that will streamline your creative workflow. Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of Gravity Sketch and its powerful virtual reality capabilities.

Free Gravity Sketch Tutorial | Part 2: Settings

In this video, we explore the various settings and preferences including the Sketch Aid settings, where you can toggle Mirror on/off to create symmetrical designs effortlessly. Explore the Vert Lock feature to maintain precision in your vertical sketches.

Also, we look at the Home/Find Sketch function. this additionally allows you to easily locate and access your saved creations. Harness the power of Smart Move for seamless object manipulation and step and repeat duplicates. Finally, preferences and workspaces provide insights on how to customize the software to your unique workflow.

Free GS Tutorial | Part 3: Making 3D Stuff

In this installment, the fun stuff – Discover the powerful tools at your disposal for bringing your creative vision to life.

First, we explore the Sketch tool , which allows you to sketch freehand strokes and create intricate designs with ease. Next, we delve into the Surface tool. This enables you to sculpt and shape virtual objects with precision. Unleash your creativity further with the Shapes tool. This offers a variety of geometric primitives to incorporate into your designs. Lastly, we explore the Text tool, which lets you add text elements and annotations to enhance your scenes.

Free Gravity Sketch Tutorial | Part 4: Making More Stuff

Continuing our exploration of the powerful design capabilities in Gravity Sketch 6.0. We explain the difference between Sub D VS NURBS. Understand the differences and advantages of each modeling technique.

Next, we show you everything there is to know about the Ink submenus. This is where you can fine-tune your sketches with customizable ink settings. Choices such as stroke thickness and width/height are available. Explore the Surface submenus, which provide additional controls for refining and manipulating your surfaces.

FREE Gravity Sketch Tutorial | Part 5: Editing Stuff

In this video we start out with the fundamental functions of Select, Move, Grab, and Scale. These commands allow you to manipulate and transform objects with precision. Then we cover the Edit, Delete, Timeline, and Duplicate functions. These enable you to manage and iterate on your designs seamlessly.

Also, Get a full understanding of Editing Control Points (nodes). Now you can manipulate and adjust the shape and form of your models with precision. Harness the power of the Mirror function to effortlessly create symmetry. A common request is how to reset the mirror orientation and we answer that in this article. Finally, we explore the world of colors and materials, unlocking the ability to apply and modify textures, shades, and visual properties to breathe life into your creations.

FREE Gravity Sketch Tutorial | Part 6: Aligning Stuff

In this section, it’s time to look at the essential tools for aligning and positioning objects with precision in Gravity Sketch 6.0. Check out the power of the Smart Move feature, which intelligently moves objects along any axis, sliding into place for effortless alignment. We also cover Grouping and Un-grouping in this video.

Lastly, Snap is a powerful feature where you can align objects to specific positions, angles, or grid points for consistent spacing and arrangement. Using the Grid and Snap tools together you can align objects to other pieces of geometry, and we show you how! Join us as we uncover the secrets of alignment in Gravity Sketch 6.0, and take your creations to a whole new level of visual harmony.

Gravity Sketch Tutorial FREE | Part 7: Toolbox Tools

First, we have the Sketch tool, which is the default option for sketching and drawing in the software. Next, we check out the Measure tool, allowing you to precisely measure distances and dimensions within your designs. Discover the power of the NEW Select/Gumball tool. This enables you to easily select and manipulate objects with intuitive control handles.

The Viewpoints tool, which offers various predefined camera angles and perspectives to help you visualize your designs from different viewpoints. Lastly, we have the Teleport tool, providing a seamless way to navigate and teleport within your virtual environment for enhanced exploration and navigation. Finally, join us as we unlock and revolutionize the way you create and interact with your designs in VR.

FREE GS Tutorial | Part 8: Subdivision Tools

We begin this video with an overview of Sub D, understanding its principles and how it can enhance your designs. Dive into the Smooth tool. This tool allows you to refine the surface of your models for a polished look. Introducing the improved Select tool. It allows you to choose specific vertices (nodes), edges, or faces to manipulate with precision.

The NEW Edge Cut tool has arrived! This tool allows you to create new edges and enhance a model’s complexity and detail. The Add Loop tool, grants you the ability to insert loops of edges to add detail and subdivision of your models. Learn about the Crease tool, which enables you to define sharp edges and creases within your Sub D models. Lastly, explore the Merge/Separate Objects tool, providing you with the flexibility to combine or separate different Sub D objects seamlessly.

FREE GS Tutorial I Part 9: Saving & Exporting

In this final video of our Free Gravity Sketch Tutorial, we explore the essential steps for saving and exporting your files in Gravity Sketch. First, we dive into the saving process, where you can preserve your designs for future editing and reference.

Learn how to save your projects locally, ensuring that your work is securely stored on your device. Discover the various file formats available for exporting. Choices such as OBJ, FBX, and GLTF are available. This allows for seamless compatibility with other 3D software and platforms.

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