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Our officially licensed Gravity Sketch Certification Course offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn 3D modeling in VR. We guide you through the process of constructing, texturing, rendering and animating 3D models , all while utilizing a collaborative and real-time virtual reality approach. The course also includes training in Blender, Substance Painter and TwinMotion for a complete workflow.

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What sets our courses apart is their official licensing by Gravity Sketch. By enrolling in our program, you’ll not only acquire an exceptional skill set but also earn a coveted certification. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a badge from Gravity Sketch, recognized as a testament to your expertise. Displaying this badge on your resume, website, or portfolio will undoubtedly impress potential employers and collaborators, further enhancing your professional profile.

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Check Out This Video From One Of Our Course Projects!

This Helmet was made using Gravity Sketch, Blender, Substance Painter. The environment was rendered using TwinMotion. It was created as a working example for our Design A Game Asset in 3D using VR Course. The video details each step in the process that you will be learning during one of our courses.

Learn 3D Modeling in VR | About Your Instructor

Andre Bruni

Andre Bruni is an officially certified Gravity Sketch Instructor , Adobe Educator Level 2 and also certified as an Adobe Video Designer and Visual Designer. With over 20 years’ experience as a Graphic Designer in Advertising, Video Motion Design and Animation for top companies like Sunsail, The Catamaran Company, JM Family Enterprises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Avid 4 Adventure.

He has a deep passion for Gravity Sketch, Blender, TwinMotion and Ureal Engine and how to use these tools to get the most out of the learning experience and is passionate about spreading that knowledge.

Andre Bruni

Start with the basics!

FREE Gravity Sketch 6 Beginners Workshop

This special series of videos presented by Andre Bruni, are meant to give my students, colleagues, friends and viewers a jump-start into the wonderful world of Gravity Sketch, and 3D modeling and design in general.
What Our Students Have To Say About MotionReel Academy…
MotionReel Academy Graduate Testimonials
Angelo S. – Art Director

I absolutely loved this course and working with MotionReel Academy was simply amazing.  He was easy to work with and always there whenever I needed help. He really knows his stuff and taught me everything from scratch. I went into the course knowing nothing, but now I feel like a pro. I would definitely recommend this course to beginners or anyone looking to learn more.

Josh R. – Software Developer

Andre is a great instructor. He helped me at multiple points during the course when I got stuck and guided me through creating a couple of really cool projects in Gravity Sketch. I can highly recommend him and his course! Thank You MotionReel Academy.

Elmar P. – 2D Artist

This course was an amazing door opener for me. I was trying to make the jump from 2D illustrator to 3D Artist for years and could not get past the learning curve! The course brought me from zero to hero and it was really nice having someone who really understands Graphic Design to help me apply the skills I already have. Don’t wait, take this course, you won’t regret it!

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