3D VR Design Gear - What you will need
and what you may want - to take our courses.

Welcome to the immersive world of 3D VR Design Gear! In this guide, we’ll unveil everything you will need to embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of 3D virtual reality design and a few things you may want. Get ready to explore the essential tools and equipment that will take creativity to new dimensions. Whether you’re a seasoned VR designer or just starting out, our comprehensive list will ensure you’re fully equipped for our Gravity Sketch Certification Course. Let’s dive in and discover what it takes to bring your visions to life in the exciting world of 3D VR design!

Please Note, Any Course Can Be Taken Entirely On The Meta Quest 2 with an Internet Connection. However it is recommended to use the Oculus Link cable to connect to a PC or Laptop for the best experience.

3D VR Design Gear | Hardware

Need: VR Headset & Gravity Sketch

You will need at minimum an Oculus/Meta Quest 2 (recommended) and also an internet connection and Gravity Sketch Installed.

May Want : VR capable PC/Mac or Laptop

By attaching your headset to a PC or Laptop via the Oculus Connect cord, you have access to some advanced features within Gravity Sketch including additional computing power, longer battery life and also a smoother overall experience. Finally, connecting to a Mac is a little bit trickier, but it can be done depending on your Mac.

May Want : VR Battery Pack / Head Strap

If you cannot afford a VR compatible PC/Mac or Laptop another alternative is to invest in one or more battery packs which will extend the battery life of your Quest 2 and allow for extended sessions. Also, a better head strap than the one that comes with the Oculus 2 is recommended.

May Want : Wacom Drawing Pad / Monitor

Importantly, when painting and detailing 3D models and invaluable tool is the pen tablet or monitor. Wacom is one of the most widely known companies but there are many others available. A wacom pad is not expensive but it will make a big difference in your models, and your enjoyment with this course.


3D VR Design Gear | Software

Additionally, to Gravity Sketch – here is a list of software that you will need to complete the Gravity Sketch Certification Course. All of these are either free to download and use, offer a free version for educational purposes, and / or have a free trial.


Zoom allows our courses to go out of VR and into the Desktop Space. With Zoom’s Screen Share feature you will learn several other programs by following along LIVE. We demonstrate the software packages that are used in the workflows that we teach in each course. It is recommended that you have a ScreenCam and microphone however it is not essential.


Blender is an open source fully featured 3D software package that works great with Gravity Sketch models. Finally, when your base model is completed, it goes into blender for mesh cleanup, UV unwrapping and if needed sculpting, additional modeling, retopology and much more including rigging and animation.

Substance, Marmoset, Maverick

Any of these texture painting software packages will work, they are all similar except the pricing. Armor Painter is FREE, Substance Painter has a cost but It offers a Free 7 day trial. Marmoset and Maverick both have a cost but have some additional features.

Twinmotion, After Effects

These software packages are for presenting your 3D models in various ways. TwinMotion has an educational version that is free to use, Unreal Engine and Unity are free to download and use and have many different presentation features pertaining to game design and film design, Adobe After Effects has a free trial version available.


Adobe Photoshop has a free 7 day trial. Photoshop is used during several phases of the design process including storyboarding, ideation, presentation and more.

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