6 Week Official Gravity Sketch Certification Course for $599

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Our Gravity Sketch Certification Course is much more than a Gravity Sketch Tutorial. MotionReel Academy is one of only a handful of schools officially licensed by Gravity Sketch. That means each student earns the Official Gravity Sketch User Badge. To obtain this badge you must complete a paid course taught by a Certified Instructor.

But, it's way more than just a badge course. We get our students ready to take the next step in their career as a 3D artist. And, it's way more than just a Gravity Sketch Course! You learn other software as well including Twinmotion and Substance Painter. An entire workflow pipeline. Our courses are fun and we encourage our students to work together, form relationships and discover new opportunities through our Facebook group and on LinkedIn. Our students become part of our family Invest In Your Future Today!

This Course Is For All Ages! All Skill Levels!

Officially Licensed Gravity Sketch Certification Course

Sample 6 Week Itinerary

Gravity Sketch Certification Course: Learn the basics of Gravity Sketch and design an asset for a fictional video game or short animated film. Along the way learn valuable skills like UV unwrapping, texturing and preparing your 3D models for final presentation.

Gravity Sketch 3D Expert

Week 1: Gotta Start Somewhere

Instructor and Student Introductions and primer on how to sketch effectively with Gravity Sketch. Well take a look at a finished model and begin to make some decisions and sketch out some basic forms.

gravity sketch certified.

Week 2: Decisions, Decisions

Choosing what to Build! Plus - Common building mistakes and How to Fix them. We will start in ZOOM the virtual classroom and move into Gravity Sketch to finalize our sketches with the line tool.

Subdivision Modeling

Week 3: Sub D

We start up in Gravity Sketch by creating a sub-D model from our final sketches. Then we show you how to export your model correctly for unwrapping and texturing.

Blender Unwrapping

Week 4: Un-Wrap It Up

Importing of the model into Blender for unwrapping and mesh clean up. Learning this is a key skill to making your models look good. Then we import into substance painter or the texturing program of your choice.

Game Asset Sword Design

Week 5: Texturing Secrets

Learn all the different ways you can texture your model and try out a couple of different methods. Get your model prepared for final rendering.

Game Asset Gun Design

Week 6: The Big Reveal

Explore the many ways you can present your model including online methods such as Sketchfab and Turbosquid . Play around with some animation methods and render out some stills and animations.

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